How Are Cosmetic Brands Started?
Did you know that the beauty industry is expected to be worth over $805 billion by 2023?

Did you know that the beauty industry is expected to be worth over $805 billion by 2023?

Influencers boosting cosmetic brands on social media are certainly responsible for this growth. Some of these influencers are creating a beauty line, too.

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to start a beauty line of your own? Stick around and we’ll share some beauty line creation tips.


When you think about cosmetic brands, maybe makeup, hair, and skincare are what come to mind. In fact, the cosmetic industry also includes oral hygiene, perfumes, deodorants, and feminine care.

When starting out with your beauty line, you’ll probably want to stick to one category.


Creating a beauty line has more to do with designing your product and the packaging. Your mission and values should be the core motivator behind all subsequent decisions.

People are more likely to get behind brands that are passionate about something. Maybe you’re committed to cruelty-free ingredients. Or, you could be interested in donating proceeds to a cause you care about.


Still figuring out how to start a beauty brand with a mission statement that resonates? It helps to understand where the culture is and the void you can fill within the beauty industry.

What is in demand? For example, there’s been a recent trend toward makeup looks that are natural. For a makeup beauty line, you could design foundations that are light coverage.

Additionally, Millennials and Gen Z are looking for makeup brands that incorporate skincare. Tinted moisturizers or foundations with SPF are popular choices for consumers right now. 


The way you package your products gives potential customers the first impression of your beauty line. Your mission and values should help define your product packaging, too.

What tone do you want your beauty line to convey? What story are you telling? What design elements are you using to stand out on the shelves? You’ll have to do some market research to answer these questions.


All of the beauty line creation tips have hopefully helped you to think of ways to stand out from the pack. Because cosmetic brands have seen a crazy amount of growth in recent years, it’s harder to break in.

The space is too competitive for your beauty line to do the same thing as all the new cosmetic brands. Find a niche that’s less competitive and meet the needs of consumers in this space.


All cosmetic brands are constantly thinking of ways to innovate, especially as the industry becomes more competitive.

For anyone creating a beauty line, the most important thing you can do is research your area of interest. Pinpoint what you and your target consumers care about.

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