A ship carrying 16,000 sheep to Saudi Arabia sank at a Sudanese port
A livestock carrier loaded with 16000 sheep has sunk at her moorings in Sudan's Suakin port on the Red Sea.

The ship Badr one, carrying 16,000 sheep to Saudi Arabia, sank in the Sudanese port of Swakin, but its crew was rescued.

The accident happened on the Sudanese coast of the Red Sea between Saturday and Sunday night. A Swakin port official said 15,800 sheep were loaded on the Badr One ship, which sank Sunday morning.

15,800 sheep were loaded on Badr One Ship: Photo Social Media

"The crew was rescued," another official said. The sinking of the ship will affect the performance of the port and also the environment as the death of a large number of sheep will spread rot.

A port official said a maximum of 9,000 sheep could be loaded on the Badr one ship. The capacity of the ship was increased. For the first time, more than 15,000 sheep were loaded onto the ship. Earlier, a maximum of 12,000 sheep had been loaded on the ship.

Omar Bashir al-Khalifa, chairman of the Sudanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the plane was submerged in 13 meters of water. The damage is estimated at 14 million Saudi riyals. Only 700 sheep could be saved in this accident but their condition is not such that they can be sacrificed.

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