Covid-19: UAE announces new travel protocols for citizens
Fully vaccinated citizens who have received two doses of approved Covid-19 vaccines are allowed to travel
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Fully vaccinated citizens who have received two doses of approved Covid-19 vaccines are allowed to travel.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) and the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) have updated the travel protocol of UAE citizens, travelling to countries on travel curbs list, as of Wednesday, October 27.

The new update allows citizens - who received the full doses of the approved Covid-19 vaccines – to travel.

Meanwhile, the protocol prohibits travel for citizens who did not receive the full doses of the vaccine, except for the UAE diplomatic missions, patients, as well as humanitarian cases, and those who are studying abroad on scholarships, provided that prior approval is obtained from the official authorities.

Citizens returning from those countries are required to present a valid negative Covid-19 PCR test result with a QR code for a test conducted within 48 hours from the time of departure as well as presenting the result of another Rapid PCR Test that was conducted not more than 6 hours before the departure time at the airport of the destination.

The move aims to promote the country’s strategy in the recovery phase, enhance the gradual openness in all vital sectors as well as to manage a gradual return to normalcy.

The protocol indicated that vaccinated travellers must take a PCR test upon arrival and take two more PCR tests on the fourth and eighth days.

For the unvaccinated travellers, they must take a PCR test upon arrival, quarantine for 10 days and take another test on the ninth day.

The protocol also covered a number of departure requirements, including registering in the 'Tawajudi' service and uploading a negative PCR test result valid for 48 hours and the itinerary, along with adhering to the destination requirements and procedures.

The two entities also advise travelers to visit health centres in the event of symptoms or infection with the virus and to notify the UAE's embassy in that country. The protocol also advised people above the age of 70 not to travel to maintain their health and safety.

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