India: Singer Sadhu Musa Wala's last rites performed, no trace of the killers yet
In a viral video on social media, Sadhu Musa Wala can be seen announcing his visit to Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan this year.
Punjabi singer Sadhu Musa Wala

Apart from India, the last rites of popular Punjabi singer Sadhu Musa Wala were performed in Pakistan today. He was shot 30 times in broad daylight on Sunday, but police have not been able to trace the killers.

Police in the Indian state of Punjab says Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sadhu Musa Wala, 28, may have been the victim of a gang war. Is. However, his murder is being fully investigated.

Authorities handed over Musawala's body to his relatives after an autopsy. His last rites are being performed this afternoon. Strict security arrangements have been made during this time. According to hospital sources, more than two dozen bullets were fired from Musawala's body.

Strong criticism of the Punjab government

Just a day before Musa Wala's assassination, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Punjab had withdrawn police security for more than 400 people, citing the end of VIP culture, including Sadhu Musa Wala. Were included.

Pakistani fans of Musa Wala are also shocked

Many important personalities in Pakistan, including Musa Wala's fans, have also expressed grief over his death.

Nawaz Salman Ahmed, a guitarist from Janoon Band, wrote in his tweet, "Allah Wana Aliya Rajaun". Sehar Shinwari wrote that India has now become a hell not only for the actors but for all minorities including Sikhs.

Analyst Raja Faisal wrote in his tweet that Sadhu Musa Wala was killed by RSS and BJP thugs.

Who was Sadhu Musa Wala?

Sadhu Musa Wala was traveling in a car with two of his friends on Sunday evening when he was shot dead at Mansa. He was taken to a hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. His real name was Shubh Deep Singh Sadhu. He began his career as a singer. But released his first record as a singer in 2017. He is very popular among Punjabi speakers in Canada, UK and other countries.

Sadhu Musa Wala had joined the Congress party last year. He had also contested the recent Assembly elections as a Congress candidate but could not win.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted about his assassination, saying, "I am deeply saddened by the assassination of Sadhu Musa Wala, a rising Congress leader, and talented artist. His family and his fans around the world. My heartfelt condolences. "

In a viral video on social media, Sadhu Musa Wala can be seen announcing his visit to Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan this year.

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