Iran's Mahan Airlines plane hijacked in Argentina: state TV
Iranian state media said on Sunday that Argentinian authorities have impounded a Boeing 747 plane that the original owner, Iran’s Mahan Air, said was sold to a Venezuelan airline a year ago.

Iranian state media have claimed that a Boeing 747 belonging to Mahan Airlines was seized in Argentina on Sunday.

The news was not immediately available for comment.

Iran and Venezuela have close ties. According to Iranian state media, the two countries signed a 20-year cooperation plan on Saturday.

“The ownership of the aircraft was transferred a year ago and it was sold to a Venezuelan company,” Mahan’s spokesperson Amir Hossein Zolanvari told the official news agency IRNA. Zolanvari did not name the Venezuelan company.

It was not immediately clear if the plane was on a list of Iranian aircraft under US sanctions. Mahan Air has been under US sanctions since 2011 for its support for Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards.

Iran and Venezuela, which are both under US sanctions, have close ties. The two countries on Saturday signed a 20-year cooperation plan.

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