Sri Lanka: Orders to shoot terrorists at sight
Sri Lanka's economic crisis has now taken the form of a regular political crisis. Army and armored vehicles have been called up in Colombo following the violence in recent days.
Sri Lankan army soldiers man a check point outside the prime minister's residence in Colombo.(AP)

Troops have been called to the Sri Lankan capital. Armored vehicles and a heavy contingent of troops are stationed on the streets of Colombo.

Troops have been ordered to shoot the terrorists as soon as they see them.

Sri Lanka is currently suffering from a severe economic crisis, which has now taken the form of a political crisis. 

Anti-government protests have been going on for weeks. Protesters have been demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister and the President. 

On Monday, pro-government protesters stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Opposition groups called for the beleaguered PM to resign, but he refused.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa  on Wednesday called on the people to overcome divisions on ethnic and religious grounds and remain peaceful. 

In a post on Twitter, he told the citizens that unity and solidarity is necessary to overcome the social, economic and political crisis facing the country.

The Indian embassy, ​​meanwhile, dismissed rumors circulating on social networking sites as "false" and said "some political leaders and their families have not escaped to India." Sending troops to Sri Lanka The New Delhi government has asked for 3.5 billion dollars in aid to help Sri Lanka cope with a severe shortage of food and medicine.

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