Trendter - Pakistan’s Twitter alternative will help you express views in your local language is a microblogging platform, an initiative to promote Pakistan's positive & bright vision.

What is Trendter? is the latest micro-blogging platform of Pakistan and could be the best alternative to Twitter for Pakistani users. The aim is to help Pakistanis express themselves in the easiest way possible with the objective of democratizing their voice by sharing thoughts in text, audio or video.

Trendter started as a dream to unite Pakistanis around the world. In the face of the reality of being a country with the largest language diversity compared to any other country. And the reality that just 10% of Pakistan understands and prefers English. Majority of Pakistani people still speak a regional Pakistani language. 

One of Trendter spokesman said to DazzBuzz team, "we wanted to create a large impact and the best thing we could think of was by giving every voice a stage. Given that the internet largely caters to people who speak English, many Pakistani voices in Pakistani regional languages don’t have access to a stage. We want to enable a millions such voices with a platform to express themselves, give them a stage and an environment to connect with each other in the easiest way possible". 

Trendter in regional languages:-

A joke in a regional language almost never passes muster when translated to English. For 90 per cent of Pakistanis, there is no greater comfort than expression of thoughts, opinions and feelings in their mother tongue. To address this intrinsic need of the vast majority, Trendter, a Twitter-like social media app for regional language expression.

This new Pakistani microblogging platform is aiming to launch the website in all the regional languages of Pakistan for easy access to everyone.

Users can ‘Post’ in text, audio or video or a combination of all three. Trendter offers 700 characters in the post, 

Trendter Official Logo

“We invited some of the top minds of Pakistan to Trendter, to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences on various topics. Users can follow such personalities to see what they are talking about and share their comments and views on daily news updates in politics, about the Covid-19 pandemic, about how businesses have been impacted the most, recent changes in their work-life and personal lives due to the pandemic, and sharing their experiences of how they are overcoming these challenges” Trendter spokesman told

Trendter is now open for registration, click here to claim your free Trendter account.

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